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2009-02-25 15:41:40 by Hotplurplegnome

ok 2 things
YES YES YES! /156294 (hooligan) got to the best tracks list at place # 14
im so happy i cant explain it!
thank you guys its all your work!
and second i've got an alter ego account
called, to nobody's surprise, Z-tone (read: stone(steinn=stone) or Cee(Z), tone(the note that doesn't exist) )
check both things out!

this is my first post like this but im going to explain the process of making my new hard style tune /156294 <<< this is it... its called "_=Hooligan=_"
BTW: i use reason
ok first of i made the climax melody which is in my opinion the most important aspect of the song if it fails the song fails with it...
this melody is on triplet which is a timing form it hits 3 times per halfbar instead of 2 times so it gets another feel.
the next most important aspect is the kick. Bad kick = No hardstyle so simple is that
so the kick i made by taking 3 copies of 1 sample and layering them on top of each other and changing each and every one ( fx. one is just normal, one distorted, and one with an deep eq for that filling)
next step was vocals i found this sample online and its under 4 beats so its no problem with copyrights.
used rex too chop it up and i think it sounded pretty good at most times.
next is the hard synth (sounds like scratching) this was one of the harder things to do and im not entirely happy with it and maybe ill fix it later.